where your WORKOUT

meets your WEEKEND
About Us
Supplemental Brewing is dedicated to serving our fun, fitness-minded customers by providing beers fortified with protein. We know what you're thinking: "Beer and fitness!? There's no way those two can possibly go together!" Well at Supplemental Brewing, that is what we're all about.
We know physical fitness is an important part of your life, but we don't want that to stop you from enjoying your weekend. You just can't beat the feeling of unwinding by having a few beers with friends, and now you can do so without compromising your fitness goals.
Supplemental Brewing became a registered Limited Liability Company in 2015. However, founder and CEO Blake Konrardy developed the initial concept years ago as he experimented with various post-workout drinks. "At one point, I tried a protein shot, which consisted of a shot of vodka with chocolate protein powder sprinkled on top. Let's just say I will never do that again."
On his path to launching Supplemental Brewing, Blake turned down some incredible opportunities, such as attending Harvard Law School and managing a Fortune 50 company. "Ultimately, you have to find something you are truly passionate about. For me, that is the intersection of your workout and your weekend. Together with the entire Supplemental Brewing team, we are venturing into an unchartered territory of fitness and fun."