Supplemental Energy Brewing
Welcome to Supplemental Brewing, where your workout meets your weekend. We specialize in making beers that not only taste great but also meet your fitness goals. As you will see from our nutritional information below, both of our beers are fortified with substantial amounts of protein, making them ideal for anyone looking to improve their strength or physique while enjoying a cold beverage. For all you fun, fitness-minded people, give our beers a try and enter the world of guilt-free drinking.
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Brewtein has a greater protein content than any other beer in existence, packed with 7 grams of whey protein. But you wouldn't know it from the taste. Brewtein is categorized as an American Wheat ale, with a fairly light body, refreshing wheat flavor, and a clean finish. Best served cold straight out of the bottle or can, or in a glass with a lemon wedge.
NutriBeer, our lighter, low carb beer, is made for the fitness-minded drinker seeking to limit calorie intake. NutriBeer fits into the classic light lager style, with a light, crisp body, subtle citrus flavor, and smooth finish. Best served ice cold.
Nutritional comparison to similar beers.
Beer Protein (g) Carbs (g) ABV Calories
Brewtein 7 13 5.0% 178
Blue Moon 2 13 5.4% 164
Sam Adams
2 19 5.3% 187
Beer Protein (g) Carbs (g) ABV Calories
NutriBeer 4 7 4.0% 122
Bud Light 1 7 4.2% 110
Sam Adams Light 1 9 4.3% 119